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Subete a mi moto...

Subete a mi moto...



I know , I know, it's always the same background....

The thing is , it's a lot easier to take pictures just after I leave the house then waiting for "the right moment" to happen during the day. If I do decide to wait , my hair gets messy , my walk becomes lazy with a  little tumbadito , and my smile widens  which is  scary if you ask me . Besides,  I'm already the weird foreigner wearing cropped tops during daylight , I definitely wouldn't want to make it worse by doing the Miley Tongue on the MRT ( subway ) or posing with  someone else's scooter .  (Mr. Scooter Owner, I promise I did no harm , it was all acting.)

Here are a few snaps of  how my Saturday  started , maybe on my next post I'll also have a record of how I look when the day ends ! ( Rated H...halloween  )

*Fun Projects coming soon ! CAN'T WAIT !


Taipei esta bien Cray !

Here Kitty Kitty